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Landlord Services in the Salt Lake City Area

The many responsibilities that fall upon a rental property owner's shoulders can be overwhelming. You have to handle everything from screening tenants to collecting the rent to evicting unruly renters. Relieve your stress by seeking landlord services in South Jordan, UT, from Real Property Management Wasatch.

Our respected property management company offers comprehensive services for landlords that make your life easier. Let us deal with the tenants and the rental properties for you. Possessing more than 25 years of experience gives us the skill and knowledge to increase the efficiency and profitability of your rental properties. Sign up this month and get a six-month tenant replacement guarantee free of charge.

Using the Screening Process to Locate Trouble-Free Tenants

Finding good renters is hard work. It takes a great amount of time, resources, and energy to find new tenants when the previous ones have moved out. Your vacant rental property must be inspected for damage and repaired and painted for the new tenants. While this is taking place, you must advertise for new renters and screen them. Screening is an involved process that is a must for locating quality renters.

Make use of our services to screen tenants for you. We look into their credit history, perform background checks, and examine the sex offender registry. Our comprehensive screening process works to provide you with renters who pay on time, make no trouble, and want to remain your tenants for a considerable amount of time.

Landlords in South Jordan, UT

Evicting Tenants According to the Law

Every landlord has had trouble with tenants. One renter is always late on the rent. Another tenant may be so loud that he or she wakes up everyone in the apartment building in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, problems like these can be all too common for rental property owners.

Request help from our professionals so we can perform a variety of management services, even compliant evictions. We know all the laws and work according to established and successful procedures. As a landlord, you have rights, and we're here to help you defend them. Allow us to remove renters who are breaking the terms of their lease agreement with you.

Our professionals are more than capable of taking on any and all of your landlord responsibilities. This includes collecting the rent, maintaining your properties on a 24/7 basis, and doing all of the accounting. Call to schedule a free consultation to talk about the services we can offer you.

Contact us today about landlord services that include searches, screenings, and evictions. Our company provides property management services for clients in South Jordan, Salt Lake City, West Jordan, Draper, and Murray, Utah.